Backup and restore OpenStack databases

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) relies on the MariaDB Galera cluster to provide its OpenStack components with reliable storage of persistent data. Mirantis recommends backing up your OpenStack databases daily to ensure the safety of your cloud data. Also, you should always create an instant backup before updating your cloud or performing any kind of potentially disruptive experiment.

MOSK has a built-in automated backup routine that can be triggered manually or by schedule. Periodic backups are suspended by default but you can easily enable them through the OpenStackDeployment custom resource. For the details about enablement and configuration of the periodic backups, refer to Periodic OpenStack database backups in the Reference Architecture.

This section includes more intricate procedures that involve additional steps beyond editing the OpenStackDeployment custom resource, such as restoring the OpenStack database from a backup or configuring a remote storage for backups.