Enable contrail-tools


You can enable the Tungsten Fabric (TF) contrail-tools in the TF 2011 deployments only.

Contrail-tools is a container that provides a centralized location for all available TF tools and CLI commands. The container includes such utilities as vif, flow, nh and other tools to debug network issues. MOSK deploys contrail-tools using the TF operator through the TFOperator CR.

To enable the TF contrail-tools deployment using the TF operator:

  1. Enable the tools deployment in the TF Operator resource for the Operator to start the pods with utilities to debug TF on nodes with the tfvrouter:enabled label:

            enabled: true
              tfvrouter: enabled


    Use the labels section to specify target nodes for the contrail-tools deployment. If the labels section is not specified, the tf-tool-ctools-<xxxxx> pods will be scheduled to all available nodes in current deployment.

  2. Wait until the tf-tool-ctools-<xxxxx> pods are ready in the tf namespace.

  3. Use interactive shell in the tf-tool-ctools-<xxxxx> pod to debug current deployment or run commands through kubectl, for example:

    kubectl -n tf exec tf-tool-ctools-<xxxxx> -- vif --list
  4. Disable the tools deployment:

    kubectl -n tf patch tfoperator <TFOperator CR name> --type='json' -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/controllers/tf-tool/tools/enabled", "value": false}]'
  5. Manually remove the DaemonSet with contrail-tools:

    kubectl -n tf delete ds tf-tool-ctools