Tungsten Fabric integration with OpenStack

The levels of integration between OpenStack and Tungsten Fabric (TF) include controllers and services integration levels.

Controllers integration

The integration between the OpenStack and TF controllers is implemented through the shared Kubernetes openstack-tf-shared namespace. Both controllers have access to this namespace to read and write the Kubernetes kind: Secret objects.

The OpenStack Controller posts the data into the openstack-tf-shared namespace required by the TF services. The TF controller watches this namespace. Once an appropriate secret is created, the TF controller obtains it into the internal data structures for further processing.

The OpenStack Controller includes the following data for the TF Controller:

  • tunnel_inteface

    Name of the network interface for the TF data plane. This interface is used by TF for the encapsulated traffic for overlay networks.

  • Keystone authorization information

    Keystone Administrator credentials and an up-and-running IAM service are required for the TF Controller to initiate the deployment process.

  • Nova metadata information

    Required for the TF vRrouter agent service.

Also, the OpenStack Controller watches the openstack-tf-shared namespace for the vrouter_port parameter that defines the vRouter port number and passes it to the nova-compute pod.

Services integration

The list of the OpenStack services that are integrated with TF through their API include:

  • neutron-server - integration is provided by the contrail-neutron-plugin component that is used by the neutron-server service for transformation of the API calls to the TF API compatible requests.

  • nova-compute - integration is provided by the contrail-nova-vif-driver and contrail-vrouter-api packages used by the nova-compute service for interaction with the TF vRouter to the network ports.

  • octavia-api - integration is provided by the Octavia TF Driver that enables you to use OpenStack CLI and Horizon for operations with load balancers. See Tungsten Fabric load balancing (HAProxy) for details.


TF is not integrated with the following OpenStack services:

  • DNS service (Designate)

  • Key management (Barbican)