Performance optimization

To improve the goodput, we recommend that you enable jumbo frames where possible. The jumbo frames have to be enabled on the whole path of the packets traverse. If one of the network components cannot handle jumbo frames, the network path uses the smallest MTU.

To provide fault tolerance of a single NIC, we recommend using the link aggregation, such as bonding. The link aggregation is useful for linear scaling of bandwidth, load balancing, and fault protection. Depending on the hardware equipment, different types of bonds might be supported. Use the multi-chassis link aggregation as it provides fault tolerance at the device level. For example, MLAG on Arista equipment or vPC on Cisco equipment.

The Linux kernel supports the following bonding modes:

  • active-backup

  • balance-xor

  • 802.3ad (LACP)

  • balance-tlb

  • balance-alb

Since LACP is the IEEE standard 802.3ad supported by the majority of network platforms, we recommend using this bonding mode.