A region in MOSK represents a complete OpenStack cluster that has a dedicated control plane and set of API endpoints. It is not uncommon for operators of large clouds to offer their users several OpenStack regions, which differ by their geographical location or purpose. In order to easily navigate in a multi-region environment, cloud users need a way to distinguish clusters by their names.

The region_name parameter of an OpenStackDeployment custom resource specifies the name of the region that will be configured in all the OpenStack services comprising the MOSK cluster upon the initial deployment.


Once the cluster is up and running, the cloud operator cannot set or change the name of the region. Therefore, Mirantis recommends selecting a meaningful name for the new region before the deployment starts. For example, the region name can be based on the name of the data center the cluster is located in.

Usage sample:

kind: OpenStackDeployment
  name: openstack-cluster
  namespace: openstack
  region_name: <your-region-name>