Instance High Availability service


Instance High Availability service (OpenStack Masakari) enables cloud users to ensure that their instances get automatically evacuated from a failed hypervisor.

Architecture of the Instance HA service

The service consists of the following components:

  • API recieves requests from users and events from monitors, and sends them to engine

  • Engine executes recovery workflow

  • Monitors detect failures and notifies API. MOSK uses monitors of the following types:

    • Instance monitor performs liveness of instance processes

    • Host monitor performs liveness of a compute host, runs as part of the Node controller from the OpenStack Controller


    The Processes monitor is not present in MOSK as far as HA for the compute processes is handled by Kubernetes.

Enabling the Instance HA service

The Instance HA service is not included into the core set of services and needs to be explicitly enabled in the OpenStackDeployment custom resource.




Enables Masakari, the OpenStack service that ensures high availability of instances running on a host. To enable the service, add instance-ha to the service list:

    - instance-ha