Add a compute node

This section describes how to add a new compute node to your existing Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes deployment.

To add a compute node:

  1. Add a bare metal host to the managed cluster with MOSK as described in Add a bare metal host.

  2. Create a Kubernetes machine in your cluster as described in Add a machine.

    When adding the machine, specify the node labels as required for an OpenStack compute node:

    OpenStack node roles

    Node role


    Kubernetes labels

    Minimal count

    OpenStack control plane

    Hosts the OpenStack control plane services such as database, messaging, API, schedulers, conductors, L3 and L2 agents.



    OpenStack compute

    Hosts the OpenStack compute services such as libvirt and L2 agents.

    openvswitch=enabled (for a deployment with Open vSwitch as a backend for networking)


  3. If required, configure the compute host to enable DPDK, huge pages, SR-IOV, and other advanced features in your MOSK deployment. See Advanced OpenStack configuration (optional) for details.

  4. Once the node is available in Kubernetes and when the nova-compute and neutron pods are running on the node, verify that the compute service and Neutron Agents are healthy in OpenStack API.

    In the keystone-client pod, run:

    openstack network agent list --host <cmp_host_name>
    openstack compute service list --host <cmp_host_name>
  5. Verify that the compute service is mapped to cell.

    The OpenStack Controller triggers the nova-cell-setup job once it detects a new compute pod in the Ready state. This job sets mapping for new compute services to cells.

    In the nova-api-osapi pod, run:

    nova-manage cell_v2 list_hosts | grep <cmp_host_name>