Enable LVM block storage



Consider this section as part of Deploy an OpenStack cluster.

This section instructs you on how to configure LVM as a backend for the OpenStack Block Storage service.

You can use flexible size units throughout bare metal host profiles. For example, you can now use either sizeGiB: 0.1 or size: 100Mi when specifying a device size.

Mirantis recommends using only one parameter name type and units throughout the configuration files. If both sizeGiB and size are used, sizeGiB is ignored during deployment and the suffix is adjusted accordingly. For example, 1.5Gi will be serialized as 1536Mi. The size without units is counted in bytes. For example, size: 120 means 120 bytes.


All data will be wiped during cluster deployment on devices defined directly or indirectly in the fileSystems list of BareMetalHostProfile. For example:

  • A raw device partition with a file system on it

  • A device partition in a volume group with a logical volume that has a file system on it

  • An mdadm RAID device with a file system on it

  • An LVM RAID device with a file system on it

The wipe field is always considered true for these devices. The false value is ignored.

Therefore, to prevent data loss, move the necessary data from these file systems to another server beforehand, if required.

To enable LVM block storage:

  1. Open BareMetalHostProfile for editing.

  2. In the spec:volumeGroups section, specify the following data for the OpenStack compute nodes. In the following example, we deploy a Cinder volume with LVM on compute nodes. However, you can use dedicated nodes for this purpose.

        - device:
            byName: /dev/nvme0n1
            minSize: 30Gi
            wipe: true
            - name: lvm_cinder_vol
              size: 0
              wipe: true
        - devices:
          - partition: lvm_cinder_vol
          name: cinder-vol


    Since MOSK 23.1, the open-iscsi package does not install by default on bare metal hosts. Install it manually during cluster deployment in BareMetalHostProfile in the spec:postDeployScript section:

      postDeployScript: |
        #!/bin/bash -ex
        apt-get update
        apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y open-iscsi
        echo $(date) 'post_deploy_script done' >> /root/post_deploy_done

    For details about BareMetalHostProfile, see Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Create a custom bare metal host profile.

  3. Configure the OpenStackDeployment CR to deploy OpenStack with LVM block storage. For example:

                      volume_group: "cinder-vol"