Deploy a machine to a specific bare metal host

Machine in a MOSK cluster requires dedicated bare metal host for deployment. The bare metal hosts are represented by the BareMetalHost objects in MCC management API. All BareMetalHost objects must be labeled upon creation with a label that will allow to identify the host and assign it to a machine.

The labels may be unique, or applied to a group of hosts, based on similarities in their capacity, capabilities and hardware configuration, on their location, suitable role, or a combination of thereof.

In some cases, you may need to deploy a machine to a specific bare metal host. This is especially useful when some of your bare metal hosts have different hardware configuration than the rest.

To deploy a machine to a specific bare metal host:

  1. Log in to the host where your management cluster kubeconfig is located and where kubectl is installed.

  2. Identify the bare metal host that you want to associate with the specific machine. For example, host host-1.

    kubectl get baremetalhost host-1 -o yaml
  3. Add a label that will uniquely identify this host, for example, by the name of the host and machine that you want to deploy on it.


    Do not remove any existing labels from the BareMetalHost resource.

    kubectl edit baremetalhost host-1

    Configuration example:

    kind: BareMetalHost
      name: host-1
      namespace: myProjectName
      labels: host-1-worker-HW11-cad5
  4. Open the text file with the YAML definition of the Machine object, created in Create a machine using CLI.

  5. Add a host selector that matches the label you have added to the BareMetalHost object in the previous step.


    kind: Machine
      name: worker-HW11-cad5
      namespace: myProjectName
          kind: BareMetalMachineProviderSpec

Once created, this machine will be associated with the specified bare metal host, and you can return to Create a machine using CLI.