Access the Tungsten Fabric web UI

The Tungsten Fabric (TF) web UI allows for easy and fast TF resources configuration, monitoring, and debugging. You can access the TF web UI through either the Ingress service or the Kubernetes Service directly. TLS termination for the https protocol is performed through the Ingress service.


Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes provides the TF web UI as is and does not include this service in the support Service Level Agreement.

To access the TF web UI through Ingress:

  1. Log in to a local machine where kubectl is installed.

  2. Obtain and export kubeconfig of your managed cluster as described in Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Connect to a Container Cloud managed cluster.

  3. Obtain the password of the Admin user:

    kubectl -n openstack get secret keystone-keystone-admin -ojsonpath='{.data.OS_PASSWORD}' | base64 -d
  4. Obtain the external IP address of the Ingress service:

    kubectl -n openstack get services ingress

    Example of system response:

    NAME      TYPE           CLUSTER-IP    EXTERNAL-IP    PORT(S)                                      AGE
    ingress   LoadBalancer   80:34234/TCP,443:34927/TCP,10246:33658/TCP   4h56m


    Do not use the EXTERNAL-IP value to directly access the TF web UI. Instead, use the FQDN from the list below.

  5. Obtain the FQDN of tf-webui:


    The command below outputs all host names assigned to the TF web UI service. Use one of them.

    kubectl -n tf get ingress tf-webui -o custom-columns=HOSTS:.spec.rules[*].host
  6. Configure DNS to access the TF web UI host as described in Configure DNS to access OpenStack.

  7. Use your favorite browser to access the TF web UI at https://<FQDN-WEBUI>.