Release cadence and support cycle

Mirantis aims to release Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) software regularly and often.

MOSK software includes OpenStack, Tungsten Fabric, life-cycle management tooling, other supporting software, and dependencies. Every release contains new functionality as well as bug and security fixes.

Mirantis’s goal is to ensure that such updates are easy to install in zero-touch and zero-downtime fashion. Mirantis encourages customers to install updates shortly after they become available.

OpenStack support cycle

Mirantis provides Long Term Support (LTS) for specific versions of OpenStack. LTS includes scheduled updates with new functionality, bug and security fixes. Mirantis intends to introduce support for new OpenStack version once a year. The LTS duration of an OpenStack version is 2 years.

The diagram below illustrates the current LTS support cycle for OpenStack. The upstream versions not mentioned in the diagram are not supported in the product as well as the upgrade paths from or to such versions.

Untitled Diagram

Versions of Tungsten Fabric, underlying Kubernetes, Ceph, StackLight, and other supporting software and dependencies may change at Mirantis discretion. Follow Release Compatibility Matrix and product Release Notes for any changes in product components versions.

Technology Preview features

A Technology Preview feature provides early access to upcoming product innovations, allowing customers to experiment with the functionality and provide feedback.

Technology Preview features may be privately or publicly available and neither are intended for production use. While Mirantis will provide assistance with such features through official channels, normal Service Level Agreements do not apply.

As Mirantis considers making future iterations of Technology Preview features generally available, we will do our best to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features.

During the development of a Technology Preview feature, additional components may become available to the public for evaluation. Mirantis cannot guarantee the stability of such features. As a result, if you are using Technology Preview features, you may not be able to seamlessly upgrade to subsequent product releases.

Mirantis makes no guarantees that Technology Preview features will graduate to generally available features.