Enable DPDK for Tungsten Fabric

Available since MOSK Ussuri Update TechPreview

This section describes how to enable DPDK mode for the Tungsten Fabric (TF) vRouter.

To enable DPDK for TF:

  1. Install the required drivers on the host operating system. The vfio-pci, uio_pci_generic, or mlnx drivers can be used with the TF vRouter agent in DPDK mode. For details about DPDK drivers, see Linux Drivers.

  2. Verify that DPDK NICs are not used on the host operating system.


    For use in the Linux user space, DPDK NICs will be bound to specific Linux drivers, required by PMDs. In such a way, bounded NICs are not available for usage by standard Linux network utilities. Therefore, allocate a dedicated NIC(s) for the vRouter deployment in DPDK mode.

  3. Enable huge pages on the host as described in Enable huge pages in a host profile.

  4. Mark the hosts for deployment with DPDK with the tfvrouter-dpdk=enabled label.

  5. Open the TF Operator custom resource for editing:

    kubectl -n tf edit tfoperators.operator.tf.mirantis.com openstack-tf
  6. Enable DPDK:

            enabled: true