Configure initial resource oversubscription

Available since MOSK 23.1

MOSK enables you to configure initial oversubscription through the OpenStackDeployment custom resource. For configuration details and oversubscription considerations, refer to Configuring initial resource oversubscription.

By default, the following values are applied:

  • 8.0 for the number of CPUs

  • 1.6 for the disk space

  • 1.0 for the amount of RAM


    In MOSK 22.5 and earlier, the effective default value of RAM allocation ratio is 1.1.

Changing oversubscription configuration after deployment will only affect the newly added compute nodes and will not change oversubscription for already existing compute nodes. You can change oversubscription for existing compute nodes through the placement API as described in Change oversubscription settings for existing compute nodes.