Replace a failed manager node

This section describes how to replace a failed manager node in your MOSK deployment. The procedure applies to the manager nodes that are, for example, permanently failed due to a hardware failure and remain in the NotReady state.


If your cluster is deployed with a compact control plane, follow the Replace a failed controller node procedure.

To replace a failed manager node:

  1. Verify that the affected manager node is in the NotReady state:

    kubectl get nodes <CONTAINER-CLOUD-NODE-NAME>

    Example of system response:

    NAME                          STATUS     ROLES    AGE   VERSION
    <CONTAINER-CLOUD-NODE-NAME>   NotReady   <none>   10d   v1.18.8-mirantis-1
  2. Delete the affected manager node as described in Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Delete a cluster machine.

  3. Add a manager node as described in Add a machine.