Ceph default configuration options

Ceph Controller provides the capability to specify configuration options for the Ceph cluster through the spec.cephClusterSpec.rookConfig key-value parameter of the KaaSCephCluster resource as if they were set in a usual ceph.conf file. For details, see Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Ceph advanced configuration.

However, if rookConfig is empty but the spec.cephClsuterSpec.objectStore.rgw section is defined, Ceph Controller specifies the following OpenStack-related default configuration options for each Ceph cluster. For other default options, see Mirantis Container Cloud Operations Guide: Ceph default configuration options.

  • Ceph Object Gateway options, which you can override using the rookConfig parameter:

    rgw swift account in url = true
    rgw keystone accepted roles = '_member_, Member, member, swiftoperator'
    rgw keystone accepted admin roles = admin
    rgw keystone implicit tenants = true
    rgw swift versioning enabled = true
    rgw enforce swift acls = true
    rgw_max_attr_name_len = 64
    rgw_max_attrs_num_in_req = 32
    rgw_max_attr_size = 1024
    rgw_bucket_quota_ttl = 0
    rgw_user_quota_bucket_sync_interval = 0
    rgw_user_quota_sync_interval = 0
    rgw s3 auth use keystone = true
  • Additional parameters for the Keystone integration:


    All values with the keystone prefix are programmatically specified for each MOSK deployment. Do not modify these parameters manually.

    rgw keystone api version = 3
    rgw keystone url = <keystoneAuthURL>
    rgw keystone admin user = <keystoneUser>
    rgw keystone admin password = <keystonePassword>
    rgw keystone admin domain = <keystoneProjectDomain>
    rgw keystone admin project = <keystoneProjectName>