Multi-step migration

Multi-step migration is intended for users who implement MMT 2.0.2 or earlier to perform an MSR migration, as well as for those who prefer to maintain full control over each step of the migration process.

Once you have met the Migration prerequisites, configured your source MSR system and your target MSR system, and selected the storage mode, you can perform the migration workflow as a sequence of individual steps.

Migrations from MSR 2.9.x to 3.x.x must follow each of the five migration steps, whereas migrations from MSR 3.x.x source systems skip the verify, estimate, and transform steps, and instead begin with extract before proceeding directly to restore.


All MMT commands that are run on MSR 3.x.x systems, including both source and target deployments, must include the --fullname option, which specifies the name of the MSR instance.

To obtain the name of your MSR instance:

  • MSR Operator-managed deployments:

    kubectl get
  • Helm-managed deployments:

    helm ls