Upgrade on Kubernetes using a Helm chart


Before upgrading from MSR 3.0.0 to a later patch version, you must verify that you are running cert-manager 1.7.2 or later:

helm history cert-manager

To upgrade cert-manager to version 1.7.2:

helm upgrade cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager \
  --version 1.7.2 \
  --set installCRDs=true

To upgrade to a new MSR version:

  1. Run the helm upgrade command:

    helm upgrade msr msrofficial/msr --version <helm-chart-version> --set-file license=path/to/file/license.lic
  2. Verify the installation of all MSR components.

    1. Verify that each Pod is in the Running state:

      kubectl get pods
    2. Troubleshoot any failing Pods by running the following command on each failed Pod:

      kubectl describe <pod-name>
    3. Optional. Review the Pod logs for more detailed results:

      kubectl logs <pod-name>