Cluster status

The /api/v0/meta/cluster_status endpoint requires administrator credentials, and returns a JSON object for the entire cluster as observed by the replica being queried. You can authenticate your requests using HTTP basic auth.

curl -ksL -u <user>:<pass> https://<msr-domain>/api/v0/meta/cluster_status
  "current_issues": [
    "critical": false,
    "description": "... some replicas are not ready. The following servers are
                    not reachable: dtr_rethinkdb_f2277ad178f7",
  "replica_health": {
    "f2277ad178f7": "OK",
    "f3712d9c419a": "OK",
    "f58cf364e3df": "OK"

You can find health status on the current_issues and replica_health arrays.

For even more detailed troubleshooting information, examine the individual container logs.