failed to run container: mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup

During the Estimate and Extract stages of the migration workflow, you may encounter the following error message:

FATA[0001] failed to extract MSR metadata: \
failed to run container: \
mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup: \
Error response from daemon: \
Conflict: \
The name mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup is already assigned. \
You have to delete (or rename) that container to be able to assign \
mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup to a container again.
  1. Identify the node on which mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup was created.

  2. From the node on which the mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup container was created, delete the RethinkDB backup container:

    docker rm -f mmt-dtr-rethinkdb-backup