Cross-Installation MMT extract and restore

Using MMT, an extract of MSR installed through Helm can now be restored into an MSR custom resource (CR) that is managed by the MSR Operator. If no CR exists and if MSR Operator is installed, a new CR is created.

Descriptive message on override of image with same tag

Improvement made to displayed message on any attempt to override an image with the same tag. Previously error 500, now denied: Repository is marked as immutable.

Error message on commands trigger to indicate odd amount of nodes

When the MSR installer install or the scale command is used against an even number of nodes, the installer now exits with an explicit error message that indicates that an odd number of nodes must be specified.

Search field on Organizations screen MSR

A search field is now present on the Organizations screen in the MSR web UI to aid users in filtering through large numbers of organizations on their clusters.