Troubleshoot scanning or CVE updates failure

CVE database connectivity issues are often at the root of any scanning or CVE updating problems you may encounter. On Kubernetes deployments, a faulty installation of the PostgreSQL operator is often the root cause for such issues, whereas on Swarm these issues are likely to be linked to the Scanningstore service.

On Kubernetes deployments

Verify that the postgres operator is running by invoking the kubectl get pods command. If the output you receive resembles the following example, your PostgreSQL is properly installed:

postgres-operator-6788c8bf6-494lt     1/1   Running  0         16d

If, however, the command produces no output, or the state that presents is something other than Running, install PostgreSQL as follows:

helm upgrade -i postgres-operator postgres-operator/postgres-operator \
  --version 1.12.2 \
  --set configKubernetes.spilo_runasuser=101 \
  --set configKubernetes.spilo_runasgroup=103 \
  --set configKubernetes.spilo_fsgroup=103

On Swarm deployments

Examine the service logs to ascertain whether there are issues with the Scanningstore service.

docker service logs msr_msr-scanningstore