Addressed issues

The list of the addressed issues in MSR 3.1.5 includes:

  • [ENGDTR-4225] Fixed an issue wherein login events were not created. The auditAuthLogsEnabled parameter in /settings API endpoint must be set to generate login events on any successful or failed login.

  • [ENGDTR-4239] Fixed an issue wherein during scale down the msr-installer placed MSR containers on nodes outside those specified in the swarm.nodeList.

  • [FIELD-6436] Fixed an issue wherein users who continued to use their default password were not urged to change it. Now, users receive a warning in the MSR web UI when they log in using the default password.

  • [FIELD-6924] Added a new Webhook to include CVSSv3 results in Webhook payload image scan reports, which previously were absent.

  • [FIELD-6947] Fixed an issue wherein outdated index warnings appear in RethinkDB logs after an MSR upgrade.