Mirantis Migration Tool Guide

The Mirantis Migration Tool (MMT) provides a tool with which you can migrate metadata and image binaries to a new Kubernetes or Swarm MSR cluster. It is quite flexible, in that you can switch cluster orchestrators and deployment methods during the migration process, as well as transition to the same version or opt for an upgrade to a later major, minor, or patch version.


MMT does not support migrating to 2.9.x target systems.

Supported migration paths




3.0 Helm, 3.1 Swarm

3.0 Helm

3.0 Helm, 3.1 Helm, 3.1 Operator, 3.1 Swarm

3.1 Operator

3.1 Operator

3.1 Swarm

3.1 Swarm

The workflow for migrating MSR deployments is a multi-stage sequential operation.

Migrations from MSR 2.9.x:

  1. Source verification

  2. Estimation

  3. Extraction

  4. Transformation

  5. Restoration

Migrations from MSR 3.x.x:

  1. Extraction

  2. Restoration


Refer to Kubernetes migrations for all migrations that include Kubernetes-based source or target systems.