Install the MKE image

To install MKE:

  1. Log in to the target host using Secure Shell (SSH).

  2. Pull the latest version of MKE:

    docker image pull mirantis/ucp:3.7.11
  3. Install MKE:

    docker container run --rm -it --name ucp \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    mirantis/ucp:3.7.11 install \
    --host-address <node-ip-address> \

    The ucp install command runs in interactive mode, prompting you for the necessary configuration values. For more information about the ucp install command, including how to install MKE on a system with SELinux enabled, refer to the MKE Operations Guide: mirantis/ucp install.


MKE installs Project Calico for Kubernetes container-to-container communication. However, you may install an alternative CNI plugin, such as Cilium, Weave, or Flannel. For more information, refer to the MKE Operations Guide: Installing an unmanaged CNI plugin.