Docker swarm

The default address pool that Docker Swarm uses for its overlay network is If this pool conflicts with your current network implementation, you must use a custom IP address pool. Prior to installing MKE, specify your custom address pool using the --default-addr-pool option when initializing swarm.


The Swarm default-addr-pool and MCR default-address-pools settings define two separate IP address ranges used for different purposes.

A node.Status.Addr of can cause unexpected problems. To prevent any such issues, add the --advertise-addr flag to the docker swarm join command.

To resolve the situation, initiate the following workaround:

  1. Stop the docker daemon that has .Status.Addr

  2. In the /var/lib/docker/swarm/docker-state.json file, apply the correct node IP to AdvertiseAddr and LocalAddr.

  3. Start the docker daemon.

Example result: