Upstream Kubernetes has removed the in-tree AWS cloud provider. Kubernetes 1.27.4, which is the version that is configured to MKE 3.7.0, does not support the AWS in-tree cloud provider. As such, if your MKE cluster is using the AWS in-tree cloud provider, you must defer upgrade to a later version of MKE 3.7 that supports a transition pathway to an alternative external AWS cloud provider.

If you attempt to upgrade a cluster that uses AWS in-tree cloud provider to MKE 3.7.1, the upgrade will fail and you will receive the following error message:

Your MKE cluster is currently using the AWS in-tree cloud provider, which
Kubernetes no longer supports. Please defer upgrading to MKE 3.7 until a
version that supports migration to an alternative external AWS cloud
provider is released.

Release date




MKE 3.7.1

Patch release for MKE 3.7 introducing the following enhancements:

  • Support bundle metrics additions for new MKE 3.7 features

  • Added ability to filter organizations by name in MKE web UI

  • Increased Docker and Kubernetes CIS benchmark compliance

  • MetalLB supports MKE-specific loglevel

  • Improved Kubernetes role creation error handling in MKE web UI

  • Increased SAML proxy feedback detail

  • Upgrade verifies that cluster nodes have minimum required MCR

  • kube-proxy now binds only to localhost

  • Enablement of read-only rootfs for specific containers

  • Support for cgroup v2

  • Added MKE web UI capability to add OS constraints to swarm services

  • Added ability to set support bundle collection windows

  • Added ability to set line limit of log files in support bundles

  • Addition of search function to Grants > Swarm in MKE web UI