Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.7.6 includes:

[MKE-11046] Kubernetes for GMSA now supported

Mirantis now supports GMSA on Kubernetes in MKE. Consequently, users can generate GMSA credentials on the Kubernetes cluster and use these credentials in Pod specifications. This allows MCR to use the specified GMSA credentials while launching the Pods.

Kubernetes for GMSA functionality is off by default. To activate the function, set windows_gmsa to true in the MKE configuration file.

The implementation supports the latest specification of GMSA credentials, windows.k8s.io/v1. Before enabling this feature, ensure that there are no existing GMSA credential specs or resources using such specs.

[MKE-11022] Addition of ucp-cadvisor container level metrics component

The new optional ucp-cadvisor component runs a standalone cadvisor instance on each node, which provides additional container level metrics.

To enable the ucp-cadvisor component feature, set cadvisor_enabled to true in the MKE configuration file.


Currently, the ucp-cadvisor component is supported for Linux nodes only. It is not supported for Windows nodes.