Delete IP address pools

You must use the kubectl Kubernetes command line tool to delete existing IP address pools from MKE.

  1. Obtain all of the IP address pools that are configured to MKE.

    kubectl get IPAddressPools -n metallb-system

    Example output:

    NAME                       AUTO ASSIGN   AVOID BUGGY IPS   ADDRESSES
    <IP-address-pool-name-1>   true          false             ["",""]
    <IP-address-pool-name-2>   true          false             [""]
    <IP-address-pool-name-3>   true          false             [""]
  2. Remove the target IP address pool entries from the cluster_config.metallb_config configuration option of the configuration-options.

  3. Run the following kubectl command to delete the target IP address pools:

    kubectl delete IPAddressPool <IP-address-pool-name-3> -n metallb-system
  4. Restart MetalLB Controller to ensure that any persisting services set to use the deleted IP address pools receive new IPs:

    kubectl rollout restart deployment controller -n metallb-system

    Example output:

    deployment.apps/controller restarted


    Any service that uses the annotation with a value equal to the name of a deleted pool will remain in <pending> state.

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