Release Notes


  • Upgrading from one MKE minor version to another minor version can result in the downgrading of MKE middleware components. For more information, refer to the middleware versioning tables in the release notes of both the source and target MKE versions.

  • In MKE 3.7.0 - 3.7.1, performance issues may occur with both cri-dockerd and dockerd due to the manner in which cri-dockerd handles container and ImageFSInfo statistics.

MKE 3.7.4 (discontinued)

MKE 3.7.4 was discontinued shortly after release due to issues encountered when upgrading to it from previous versions of the product.

MKE 3.7.3 current

The MKE 3.7.3 patch release focuses exclusively on CVE resolution. For detail on the specific CVEs addressed, refer to Security information.

MKE 3.7.2

Patch release for MKE 3.7 introducing the following key features:

  • Prometheus metrics scraped from Linux workers

  • Performance improvement to MKE image tagging API

MKE 3.7.1

Initial MKE 3.7.1 release introducing the following key features:

  • Support bundle metrics additions for new MKE 3.7 features

  • Added ability to filter organizations by name in MKE web UI

  • Increased Docker and Kubernetes CIS benchmark compliance

  • MetalLB supports MKE-specific loglevel

  • Improved Kubernetes role creation error handling in MKE web UI

  • Increased SAML proxy feedback detail

  • Upgrade verifies that cluster nodes have minimum required MCR

  • kube-proxy now binds only to localhost

  • Enablement of read-only rootfs for specific containers

  • Support for cgroup v2

  • Added MKE web UI capability to add OS constraints to swarm services

  • Added ability to set support bundle collection windows

  • Added ability to set line limit of log files in support bundles

  • Addition of search function to Grants > Swarm in MKE web UI

MKE 3.7.0

Initial MKE 3.7.0 release introducing the following key features:

  • ZeroOps: certificate management

  • ZeroOps: upgrade rollback

  • ZeroOps: metrics

  • Prometheus memory resources

  • etcd event cleanup

  • Ingress startup options: TLS, TCP/UDP, HTTP/HTTPS

  • Additional NGINX Ingress Controller options

  • Setting for NGINX Ingress Controller default ports

  • MetalLB

  • Lameduck configuration options

  • Multus CNI

  • SAML proxy

  • Addition of referral chasing LDAP parameter

  • Kubernetes update to version 1.27.4

  • Go update to version 1.20.5.

  • RethinkDB update to version 2.4.3