Release Notes


Upgrading from one MKE minor version to another minor version can result in the downgrading of MKE middleware components. For more information, refer to the middleware versioning tables in the release notes of both the source and target MKE versions.

MKE 3.7.0 current

Initial MKE 3.7.0 release introducing the following key features:

  • ZeroOps: certificate management

  • ZeroOps: upgrade rollback

  • ZeroOps: metrics

  • Prometheus memory resources

  • etcd event cleanup

  • Ingress startup options: TLS, TCP/UDP, HTTP/HTTPS

  • Additional NGINX Ingress Controller options

  • Setting for NGINX Ingress Controller default ports

  • MetalLB

  • Lameduck configuration options

  • Multus CNI

  • SAML proxy

  • Addition of referral chasing LDAP parameter

  • Kubernetes update to version 1.27.4

  • Go update to version 1.20.5.

  • RethinkDB update to version 2.4.3