Swarm collection labels

Users assign resources to collections with labels. The following resource types have editable labels and thus you can assign them to collections: services, nodes, secrets, and configs. For these resources types, change com.docker.ucp.access.label to move a resource to a different collection. Collections have generic names by default, but you can assign them meaningful names as required (such as dev, test, and prod).


The following resource types do not have editable labels and thus you cannot assign them to collections: containers, networks, and volumes.

Groups of resources identified by a shared label are called stacks. You can place one stack of resources in multiple collections. MKE automatically places resources in the default collection. Users can change this using a specific com.docker.ucp.access.label in the stack/compose file.

The system uses com.docker.ucp.collection.* to enable efficient resource lookup. You do not need to manage these labels, as MKE controls them automatically. Nodes have the following labels set to true by default:

  • com.docker.ucp.collection.root

  • com.docker.ucp.collection.shared

  • com.docker.ucp.collection.swarm