Introduction to MKE

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) allows you to adopt modern application development and delivery models that are cloud-first and cloud-ready. With MKE you get a centralized place with a graphical UI to manage and monitor your Kubernetes and/or Swarm cluster instance.

The core MKE components are:

  • ucp-cluster-agent

    Reconciles the cluster-wide state, including Kubernetes addons such as Kubecompose and KubeDNS, managing replication configurations for the etcd and RethinkDB clusters, and syncing the node inventories of SwarmKit and Swarm Classic. This component is a single-replica service that runs on any manager node in the cluster.

  • ucp-manager-agent

    Reconciles the node-local state on manager nodes, including the configuration of the local Docker daemon, local date volumes, certificates, and local container components. Each manager node in the cluster runs a task from this service.

  • ucp-worker-agent

    Performs the same reconciliation operations as ucp-manager-agent but on worker nodes. This component runs a task on each worker node.

The following MKE component names differ based on the node’s operating system:

Component name on Linux

Component name on Windows







No equivalent