Configure etcd storage quota

You can control the etcd distributed key-value storage quota using the etcd_storage_quota parameter in the MKE configuration file. By default, the value of the parameter is 2GB. For information on how to adjust the parameter, refer to Configure an MKE cluster.

If you choose to increase the etcd quota, be aware that this quota has a limit and such action should be used in conjunction with other strategies, such as decreasing events TTL to ensure that the etcd database does not run out of space.


If a manager node virtual machine runs out of disk space, or if all of its system memory is depleted, etcd can cause the MKE cluster to move into an irrecoverable state. To prevent this from happening, configure the disk space and the memory of the manager node VMs to levels that are well in excess of the set etcd storage quota. Be aware, though, that warning banners will display in the MKE web UI if the etcd storage quota is set at an amount in excess of 40% of system memory.

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