Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.7.8 includes:

[MKE-11323] Addition of Kubernetes log retention configuration parameters

Audit log retention values for Kubernetes can now be customized using three new Kubernetes apiserver parameters in the MKE configuration file:

  • kube_api_server_audit_log_maxage

  • kube_api_server_audit_log_maxbackup

  • kube_api_server_audit_log_maxsize

[MKE-11265] Customizability of audit log policies

Audit log policies can now be customized, a feature that is enabled through the KubeAPIServerCustomAuditPolicyYaml and KubeAPIServerEnableCustomAuditPolicy settings.

[MKE-9275] Support for scheduling of etcd cluster cleanup and defragmentation

Customers can now schedule etcd cluster cleanup by way of a cron job. In addition, defragmentation can be configured to start following a successful cleanup operation. This new functionality is initiated through the /api/ucp/config-toml endpoint. For more information, refer to MKE Configuration File: etcd_cleanup_schedule_config.

[FIELD-6901] Inclusion of Docker events in MKE support bundle

The MKE support bundle now includes Docker event information from the nodes.