API Reference

The Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) API is a REST API, available using HTTPS, that enables programmatic access to Swarm and Kubernetes resources managed by MKE. MKE exposes the full Mirantis Container Runtime API, so you can extend your existing code with MKE features. The API is secured with role-based access control (RBAC), and thus only authorized users can make changes and deploy applications to your cluster.

The MKE API is accessible through the same IP addresses and domain names that you use to access the MKE web UI. And as the API is the same one used by the MKE web UI, you can use it to programmatically do everything you can do from the MKE web UI.

The system manages Swarm resources through collections and Kubernetes resources through namespaces. For detailed information on these resource sets, refer to the RBAC core elements table in the Role-based access control documentation.




Allows you to enumerate and create custom permissions for accessing collections.


Enables the management of users, teams, and organizations.


Provides access to the swarm configuration.