Add IP address pools

MKE allows you to add IP address pools once MetalLB has been deployed in the MKE cluster. To do this, you use an MKE configuration file.

  1. Obtain the current MKE configuration file for the cluster.

  2. Verify that the enabled parameter setting for the cluster_config.metallb_config configuration option is set to true.

  3. Update the cluster_config.metallb_config configuration option with the details for the new IP address pools.

      enabled = true
          name = "<IP-address-pool-name-1>”
          external_ip = ["", ""]
          name = "<IP-address-pool-name-2>”
          external_ip = [""]
          name = "<IP-address-pool-name>-3”
          external_ip = [""]
  4. Upload the modified MKE configuration file.

  5. Verify the addition of the new IP address pool to the system:

    kubectl get IPAddressPools -n metallb-system

    Example output:

    NAME                       AUTO ASSIGN   AVOID BUGGY IPS   ADDRESSES
    <IP-address-pool-name-1>   true          false             ["",""]
    <IP-address-pool-name-2>   true          false             [""]
    <IP-address-pool-name-3>   true          false             [""]