Addressed issues

Issues addressed in the MKE 3.7.5 release include:

  • [MKE-10903] Fixed an issue wherein flood messages occurred in ucp-worker-agent.

  • [MKE-10835] Fixed an issue wherein Gatekeeper Pods were frequently entering CrashLoopBackOff due to the absence of an expected CRD definition.

  • [MKE-10644] Fixed an issue wherein a vulnerability in etcd library allowed a memory exhaustion attack on the grpc server. The patch is applied on top of etcd version 3.5.10 and includes the fix for CVE-2023-47108. No other changes from etcd 3.5.10 are included.

  • [FIELD-6835] Fixed an issue wherein ucp-cluster-agent continually restarted during upgrade to MKE 3.7.4.

  • [FIELD-6695] Fixed multiple issues caused by large etcd instances:

    • The addition of a second manager sometimes caused etcd cluster failure when the etcd storage size was of substantial size.

    • Cold starting of MKE clusters would fail whenever the etcd storage size exceeded 2GB.

    • Simultaneous restarting of manager nodes would fail whenever the etcd storage size exceeded 2GB.

    • The etcd storage usage indicator in the MKE web UI banner was not accurate.

  • [FIELD-6670] Fixed an issue wherein CNI plugin log level was not consistent with the MKE log level setting.

  • [FIELD-6602] Resolved couldn't get dbus connection: dial unix /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket error message by removing systemd collector and repaired undev mount errors in Node Exporter.

  • [FIELD-6598] Fixed an issue wherein users without access to the /system collection could promote worker nodes to manager nodes.

  • [FIELD-6573] Fixed an issue wherein kubelet failed to rotate Pod containter logs.