Delete kubelet node profiles

If you delete from the MKE configuration file a kubelet node profile, the nodes that are using that will enter an erroneous state. For this reason, MKE prevents users from deleting any kubelet node profile that is in use by a cluster node. It is a best practice, though, to verify before deleting any profile that it is not in use.

Example scenario:

To check whether any nodes are using a previously defined low profile, run:

kubectl get nodes -l=custom-kubelet-profile=low

Example: output:

node-1   Ready    <none>   24h   v1.27.10-mirantis-1

The result indicates that one node is using the indicated kubelet node low profile. That node should be cleared of the profile before that profile is deleted.

To clear the profile, run:

kubectl label node node-ubuntu-1 custom-kubelet-profile-

Example: output:

node/node-1 unlabeled