Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.7.10 includes:

[MKE-11484] Support for NodeLocalDNS 1.23.1

With NodeLocalDNS, you can run a local instance of the DNS caching agent on each node in the cluster. This results in significant performance improvement versus relying on a centralized CoreDNS instance to resolve external DNS records, as the local NodeLocalDNS instance is able to cache DNS results and thus mitigate network latency and conntrack issues. For more information, refer to Manage NodeLocalDNS.

[MKE-11480] Support for Kubelet node configurations

You can now set kubelet node profiles through Kubernetes node Labels. With these profiles, which are a set of kubelet flags, you can customize the settings of your kubelet agents on a node-by-node level, in addition to setting cluster-wide flags for use by every kubelet agent. For more information, refer to Custom kubelet profiles.

[FIELD-6998] node-exporter port now configurable

You can now configure node_exporter_port through the MKE configuration file, from the 9100 default value.