UpdateGroup resource

Available since 2.27.0 (17.2.0 and 16.2.0)

This section describes the UpdateGroup custom resource (CR) used in the Container Cloud API for all supported providers. Use this resource to configure update concurrency for specific sets of machines or machine pools within a cluster. This resource enhances the update process by allowing a more granular control over the concurrency of machine updates.

The Container Cloud UpdateGroup CR contains the following fields:

  • apiVersion

    API version of the object that is kaas.mirantis.com/v1alpha1.

  • kind

    Object type that is UpdateGroup.

  • metadata

    Metadata of the UpdateGroup CR that contains the following fields:

    • name

      Name of the UpdateGroup object.

    • namespace

      Project where the UpdateGroup is created.

    • labels

      Label to associate the UpdateGroup with a specific cluster in the cluster.sigs.k8s.io/cluster-name: <cluster-name> format.

  • spec

    Specification of the UpdateGroup CR that contains the following fields:

    • index

      Index to determine the processing order of the UpdateGroup object. Groups with the same index are processed concurrently.

      The update order of a machine within the same group is determined by the upgrade index of a specific machine. For details, see Change the upgrade order of a machine or machine pool.

    • concurrentUpdates

      Number of machines to update concurrently within UpdateGroup.

Configuration example:

apiVersion: kaas.mirantis.com/v1alpha1
kind: UpdateGroup
  name: update-group-example
  namespace: managed-ns
    cluster.sigs.k8s.io/cluster-name: managed-cluster
  index: 10
  concurrentUpdates: 2