Post-deployment steps

After bootstrapping the management cluster, collect and save the following cluster details in a secure location:

  1. Obtain the management cluster kubeconfig:

    ./container-cloud get cluster-kubeconfig \
    --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
    --cluster-name <clusterName>

    By default, pathToKindKubeconfig is $HOME/.kube/kind-config-clusterapi.

  2. Obtain the Keycloak credentials as described in Access the Keycloak Admin Console.

  3. Obtain MariaDB credentials for IAM.

  4. Remove the kind cluster:

    ./bin/kind delete cluster -n <kindClusterName>

    By default, kindClusterName is clusterapi.

Now, you can proceed with operating your management cluster through the Container Cloud web UI and deploying managed clusters as described in Operations Guide.