Remove a management cluster

This section describes how to remove a management cluster.

To remove a management cluster:

  1. Verify that you have successfully removed all managed clusters that run on top of the management cluster to be removed. For details, see the corresponding Delete a managed cluster section depending on your cloud provider in Create and operate managed clusters.

  2. If you enabled custom host names on an existing management cluster as described in Configure host names for cluster machines, and the cluster contains hosts with non-custom names, manually delete such hosts to prevent cleanup failure.

  3. Log in to a local machine where your management cluster kubeconfig is located and where kubectl is installed.


    The management cluster kubeconfig is created during the last stage of the management cluster bootstrap.

  4. Verify that the bootstrap directory is updated.

    Select from the following options:

    • For clusters deployed using Container Cloud 2.11.0 or later:

      ./container-cloud bootstrap download --management-kubeconfig <pathToMgmtKubeconfig> \
      --target-dir <pathToBootstrapDirectory>
    • For clusters deployed using the Container Cloud release earlier than 2.11.0 or if you deleted the kaas-bootstrap folder, download and run the Container Cloud bootstrap script:

      chmod 0755
  5. Run the following script: cleanup


Removing a management cluster using the Container Cloud web UI is not supported.