This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.12.0. For the list of enhancements in the Cluster releases 7.2.0, 6.19.0, and 5.19.0 that are supported by the Container Cloud release 2.12.0, see the Cluster releases (managed).

General availability of the Microsoft Azure cloud provider

Introduced official support for the Microsoft Azure cloud provider, including support for creating and operating of management, regional, and managed clusters.

Container Cloud deployment on top of MOS Victoria

Implemented the possibility to deploy Container Cloud management, regional, and managed clusters on top of Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOS) Victoria that is based on the Open vSwitch networking.

LVM or mdadm RAID support for bare metal provisioning


Added the Technology Preview support for configuration of software-based Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) using BareMetalHosProfile to set up LVM or mdadm-based RAID level 1 (raid1). If required, you can further configure RAID in the same profile, for example, to install a cluster operating system onto a RAID device.

You can configure RAID during a baremetal-based management or managed cluster creation. RAID configuration on already provisioned bare metal machines or on an existing cluster is not supported.


This feature is available as Technology Preview. Use such configuration for testing and evaluation purposes only. For the Technology Preview feature definition, refer to Technology Preview features.

Preparing state of a bare metal host

Added the Preparing state to the provisioning workflow of bare metal hosts. Bare Metal Operator inspects a bare metal host and moves it to the Preparing state. In this state, the host becomes ready to be linked to a bare metal machine.

TLS for all Container Cloud endpoints

Added the Transport Layer Security (TLS) configuration to all Container Cloud endpoints for all supported cloud providers. The Container Cloud web UI and StackLight endpoints are now available through TLS with self-signed certificates generated by the Container Cloud provider. If required, you can also add your own TLS certificates to the Container Cloud web UI and Keycloak.


After the Container Cloud upgrade from 2.11.0 to 2.12.0, all Container Cloud endpoints are available only through HTTPS.

Migration of iam-proxy from Louketo Proxy to OAuth2 Proxy

Migrated iam-proxy from the deprecated Louketo Proxy, formerly known as keycloak-proxy to OAuth2 Proxy.

To apply the migration, all iam-proxy services in the StackLight namespace are restarted during a management cluster upgrade or managed cluster update. This causes a short downtime for the web UI access to StackLight services, although all services themselves, such as Kibana or Grafana, continue working.

Backup configuration for a MariaDB database on a management cluster

Implemented the possibility to customize the default backup configuration for a MariaDB database on a management cluster. You can customize the default configuration either during a management cluster bootstrap or on an existing management cluster. The Kubernetes cron job responsible for the MariaDB backup is enabled by default for the OpenStack and AWS cloud providers and is disabled for other supported providers.

Renaming of the Container Cloud binary

In the scope of continuous improvement of the product, renamed the Container Cloud binary from kaas to container-cloud.

Documentation enhancements

On top of continuous improvements delivered to the existing Container Cloud guides, added a procedure on how to back up and restore an OpenStack or AWS-based management cluster. The procedure consists of the MariaDB and MKE backup and restore steps.