Manually allocate IP addresses for bare metal hosts

Available since 2.25.0 Technology Preview

You can force the DHCP server to assign a particular IP address for a bare metal host during PXE provisioning by adding the annotation with the desired IP address value to the required bare metal host.

If you have a limited amount of free and unused IP addresses for a server provisioning, you can manually recreate bare metal hosts one by one and provision servers in small, manually managed batches.

For a small batching, you can use the annotation to manually allocate IP addresses along with the annotation to pause automatic host management by the bare metal Operator.

To pause bare metal hosts for a manual IP allocation during provisioning:

  1. Set the annotation for all bare metal hosts.

  2. Add the annotation with corresponding IP address values to a batch of bare metal hosts.

  3. Remove the annotation from the batch used in the previous step.

  4. Repeat the above steps until all hosts are provisioned.