This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.22.0. For the list of enhancements in the Cluster release 11.6.0 that is introduced by the Container Cloud release 2.22.0, see the Cluster releases (managed).

The ‘rebootRequired’ notification in the baremetal-based machine status

Added the rebootRequired field to the status of a Machine object for the bare metal provider. This field indicates whether a manual host reboot is required to complete the Ubuntu operating system updates, if any.

You can view this notification either using the Container Cloud API or web UI:

  • API: reboot.required.true in status:providerStatus of a Machine object

  • Web UI: the One or more machines require a reboot notification on the Clusters and Machines pages


For MOSK-based deployments, the feature support is available since MOSK 23.1.

Custom network configuration for managed clusters based on Equinix Metal with private networking


Implemented the ability to configure advanced network settings on managed clusters that are based on Equinix Metal with private networking. Using the custom parameter in the Cluster object, you can customize network configuration for the cluster machines. The feature comprises usage of dedicated Subnet and L2Template objects that contain necessary configuration for cluster machines.

Custom TLS certificates for the StackLight ‘iam-proxy’ endpoints

Implemented the ability to set up custom TLS certificates for the following StackLight iam-proxy endpoints on any type of Container Cloud clusters:

  • iam-proxy-alerta

  • iam-proxy-alertmanager

  • iam-proxy-grafana

  • iam-proxy-kibana

  • iam-proxy-prometheus

Cluster deployment and update history objects

Implemented the following Container Cloud objects describing the history of a cluster and machine deployment and update:

  • ClusterDeploymentStatus

  • ClusterUpgradeStatus

  • MachineDeploymentStatus

  • MachineUpgradeStatus

Using these objects, you can inspect cluster and machine deployment and update stages, their time stamps, statuses, and failure messages, if any. In the Container Cloud web UI, use the History option located under the More action icon of a cluster and machine.

For existing clusters, these objects become available after the management cluster upgrade to Container Cloud 2.22.0.

Extended logging format for essential management cluster components

Extended the logging format for the admission-controller, storage-discovery, and all supported <providerName>-provider services of a management cluster. Now, log records for these services contain the following entries: