Kubernetes lifecycle management

The Kubernetes lifecycle management (LCM) engine in Mirantis Container Cloud consists of the following components:

LCM Controller

Responsible for all LCM operations. Consumes the LCMCluster object and orchestrates actions through LCM Agent.

LCM Agent

Runs on the target host. Executes Ansible playbooks in headless mode. Does not run on attached MKE clusters that are not originally deployed by Container Cloud.

Helm Controller

Responsible for the Helm charts life cycle, is installed by a cloud provider as a Helm v3 chart.

The Kubernetes LCM components handle the following custom resources:

  • LCMCluster

  • LCMMachine

  • HelmBundle

The following diagram illustrates handling of the LCM custom resources by the Kubernetes LCM components. On a managed cluster, apiserver handles multiple Kubernetes objects, for example, deployments, nodes, RBAC, and so on.