This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Cluster release 6.16.0.

StackLight components upgrade

  • Upgraded PostgreSQL from version 12 to 13

  • Updated Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Metricbeat from version 7.6.1 to 7.10.2

StackLight notifications to Microsoft Teams

Implemented the capability to enable Alertmanager to send notifications to a Microsoft Teams channel.

StackLight notifications to ServiceNow

Implemented the capability to enable Alertmanager to send notifications to ServiceNow. Also added the ServiceNowAuthFailure alert that will raise in case of failure to authenticate to ServiceNow.

StackLight log collection optimization

Improved the log collection mechanism by optimizing the existing and adding new log parsers for multiple Container Cloud components.

Ceph default configuration options

Enhanced Ceph Controller to automatically specify default configuration options for each Ceph cluster during the Ceph deployment.

Ceph KaaSCephCluster enhancements

Implemented the following Ceph enhancements in the KaaSCephCluster CR:

  • Added the capability to specify the rgw role using the roles parameter

  • Added the following parameters:

    • rookConfig to override the Ceph configuration options

    • useAsFullName to enable the Ceph block pool to use only the name value as a name

    • targetSizeRatio to specify the expected consumption of the Ceph cluster total capacity

    • SSLCert to use a custom TLS certificate to access the Ceph RGW endpoint

    • nodeGroups to easily define specifications for multiple Ceph nodes using lists, grouped by node lists or node labels

    • clients to specify the Ceph clients and their capabilities

Multinetwork configuration for Ceph

Implemented the capability to configure multiple networks for a Ceph cluster.

TLS for Ceph public endpoints

Implemented the capability to configure TLS for a Ceph cluster using a custom ingress rule for Ceph public endpoints.

Ceph RBD mirroring

Implemented the capability to enable RADOS Block Device (RBD) mirroring for Ceph pools.