View Grafana dashboards

Using the Grafana web UI, you can view the visual representation of the metric graphs based on the time series databases.

Most Grafana dashboards include a View logs in OpenSearch Dashboards link to immediately view relevant logs in the OpenSearch Dashboards web UI. The OpenSearch Dashboards web UI displays logs filtered using the Grafana dashboard variables, such as the drop-downs. Once you amend the variables, wait for Grafana to generate a new URL.


The Grafana dashboards that contain drop-down lists are limited to 1000 lines. Therefore, if you require data on a specific item, use the filter by name instead.


Grafana dashboards that present node data have an additional Node identifier drop-down menu. By default, it is set to machine to display short names for Kubernetes nodes. To display Kubernetes node name labels, change this option to node.

To view the Grafana dashboards:

  1. Log in to the Grafana web UI as described in Access StackLight web UIs.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the required dashboard to inspect the status and statistics of the corresponding service in your management or managed cluster:




    Ceph cluster

    Ceph Cluster

    Provides the overall health status of the Ceph cluster, capacity, latency, and recovery metrics.

    Ceph Nodes

    Provides an overview of the host-related metrics, such as the number of Ceph Monitors, Ceph OSD hosts, average usage of resources across the cluster, network and hosts load.

    This dashboard is deprecated since Cluster releases 17.0.0, 16.0.0, 14.1.0 and will be removed in the following Cluster releases.

    Therefore, Mirantis recommends switching to the following dashboards in the current release:

    • For Ceph stats, use the Ceph Cluster dashboard.

    • For resource utilization, use the System dashboard, which includes filtering by Ceph node labels, such as ceph_role_osd, ceph_role_mon, and ceph_role_mgr.

    Ceph OSDs

    Provides metrics for Ceph OSDs, including the Ceph OSD read and write latencies, distribution of PGs per Ceph OSD, Ceph OSDs and physical device performance.

    Ceph Pools

    Provides metrics for Ceph pools, including the client IOPS and throughput by pool and pools capacity usage.

    Ironic bare metal

    Ironic BM

    Provides graphs on Ironic health, HTTP API availability, provisioned nodes by state and installed ironic-conductor back-end drivers.

    Container Cloud

    Clusters Overview

    Represents the main cluster capacity statistics for all clusters of a Mirantis Container Cloud deployment where StackLight is installed.


    Due to the known issue, the Prometheus Targets Unavailable panel of the Clusters Overview dashboard does not display data for managed clusters of the 11.7.0, 11.7.4, 12.5.0, and 12.7.x series Cluster releases after update to Container Cloud 2.24.0.


    Available since Container Cloud 2.21.0 and 2.21.1 for MOSK 22.5. Provides graphs on database size, leader elections, requests duration, incoming and outgoing traffic.

    MCC Applications Performance

    Available since Container Cloud 2.23.0 and 2.23.1 for MOSK 23.1. Provides information on the Container Cloud internals work based on Golang, controller runtime, and custom metrics. You can use it to verify performance of applications and for troubleshooting purposes.

    Kubernetes resources

    Kubernetes Calico

    Provides metrics of the entire Calico cluster usage, including the cluster status, host status, and Felix resources.

    Kubernetes Cluster

    Provides metrics for the entire Kubernetes cluster, including the cluster status, host status, and resources consumption.

    Kubernetes Containers

    Available since Container Cloud 2.19.0 and 2.20.1 for MOSK 22.4. Provides charts showing resource consumption per deployed Pod containers running on Kubernetes nodes.

    Kubernetes Deployments

    Provides information on the desired and current state of all service replicas deployed on a Container Cloud cluster.

    Kubernetes Namespaces

    Provides the Pods state summary and the CPU, MEM, network, and IOPS resources consumption per name space.

    Kubernetes Nodes

    Provides charts showing resources consumption per Container Cloud cluster node.

    Kubernetes Pods

    Provides charts showing resources consumption per deployed Pod.



    Provides the overall status of the NGINX cluster and information about NGINX requests and connections.



    Provides performance metrics on the overall health status of the Prometheus Alertmanager service, the number of firing and resolved alerts received for various periods, the rate of successful and failed notifications, and the resources consumption.


    Provides information about the overall health status of the OpenSearch cluster, including the resources consumption, number of operations and their performance.

    OpenSearch Indices

    Provides detailed information about the state of indices, including their size, the size of document values and segments.


    Provides performance metrics for the Grafana service, including the total number of Grafana entities, CPU and memory consumption.


    Provides PostgreSQL statistics, including read (DQL) and write (DML) row operations, transaction and lock, replication lag and conflict, and checkpoint statistics, as well as PostgreSQL performance metrics.


    Provides the availability and performance behavior of the Prometheus servers, the sample ingestion rate, and system usage statistics per server. Also, provides statistics about the overall status and uptime of the Prometheus service, the chunks number of the local storage memory, target scrapes, and queries duration.

    Prometheus Relay

    Provides service status and resources consumption metrics.

    Reference Application

    Available since Container Cloud 2.21.0 for non-MOSK clusters. Provides check statuses of Reference Application and statistics such as response time and content length.


    For the feature support on MOSK deployments, refer to MOSK documentation: Deploy RefApp using automation tools.

    Telemeter Server

    Provides statistics and the overall health status of the Telemeter service.


    Due to the known issue, the Telemeter Client Status panel of the Telemeter Server dashboard does not display data for managed clusters of the 11.7.0, 11.7.4, 12.5.0, and 12.7.x series Cluster releases after update to Container Cloud 2.24.0.



    Provides a detailed resource consumption and operating system information per Container Cloud cluster node.

    Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE)

    MKE Cluster

    Provides a global overview of an MKE cluster: statistics about the number of the worker and manager nodes, containers, images, Swarm services.

    MKE Containers

    Provides per container resources consumption metrics for the MKE containers such as CPU, RAM, network.