Troubleshoot Mirantis Container Cloud Exporter alerts

This section describes the investigation and troubleshooting steps for the Mirantis Container Cloud Exporter (MCC Exporter) service alerts.


Root cause

Prometheus failed to scrape MCC Exporter metrics because of the kaas-exporter Pod outage or application error.


  1. Verify the status of the MCC Exporter Pod:

    kubectl get pod -n kaas \
  2. Inspect the Kubernetes Pod events, if available:

    kubectl describe pod -n kaas <pod_name>


    1. In the Discover section of OpenSearch Dashboards, change the index pattern to kubernetes_events-*.

    2. Expand the required time range and filter the results by that equals the <pod_name>.

    3. In results, search for kubernetes.event.message.

  3. Inspect MCC Exporter logs for error or warning messages:

    kubectl logs -n kaas <pod_name>

For further steps, see the Investigation section of the KubePodsCrashLooping alert.


Refer to KubePodsCrashLooping.