This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Cluster release 5.22.0.

MCR version update

Updated the Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) version from 20.10.6 to 20.10.8 for the Container Cloud management, regional, and managed clusters on all supported cloud providers.

Mirantis Container Cloud alerts

Implemented the MCCLicenseExpirationCritical and MCCLicenseExpirationMajor alerts that notify about Mirantis Container Cloud license expiration in less than 10 and 30 days.

Improvements to StackLight alerting

Implemented the following improvements to StackLight alerting:

  • Enhanced Kubernetes applications alerting:

    • Reworked the Kubernetes applications alerts to minimize flapping, avoid firing during pod rescheduling, and to detect crash looping for pods that restart less frequently.

    • Added the KubeDeploymentOutage, KubeStatefulSetOutage, and KubeDaemonSetOutage alerts.

    • Removed the redundant KubeJobCompletion alert.

    • Enhanced the alert inhibition rules to reduce alert flooding.

    • Improved alert descriptions.

  • Split TelemeterClientFederationFailed into TelemeterClientFailed and TelemeterClientHAFailed to separate alerts depending on the HA mode disabled or enabled.

  • Updated the description for DockerSwarmNodeFlapping.

Node Exporter collectors

Disabled unused Node Exporter collectors and implemented the capability to manually enable needed collectors using the nodeExporter.extraCollectorsEnabled parameter. Only the following collectors are now enabled by default in StackLight:

  • arp

  • conntrack

  • cpu

  • diskstats

  • entropy

  • filefd

  • filesystem

  • hwmon

  • loadavg

  • meminfo

  • netdev

  • netstat

  • nfs

  • stat

  • sockstat

  • textfile

  • time

  • timex

  • uname

  • vmstat

Automated Ceph LCM

Implemented full support for automated Ceph LCM operations using the KaaSCephOperationRequest CR, such as addition or removal of Ceph OSDs and nodes, as well as replacement of failed Ceph OSDs or nodes.

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Automated Ceph LCM

Ceph CSI provisioner tolerations and node affinity

Implemented the capability to specify Container Storage Interface (CSI) provisioner tolerations and node affinity for different Rook resources. Added support for the all and mds keys in toleration rules.

Ceph KaaSCephCluster.status enhancement

Extended the fullClusterInfo section of the KaaSCephCluster.status resource with the following fields:

  • cephDetails - contains verbose details of a Ceph cluster state

  • cephCSIPluginDaemonsStatus - contains details on all Ceph CSIs

Ceph Shared File System (CephFS)


Implemented the capability to enable the Ceph Shared File System, or CephFS, to create read/write shared file system Persistent Volumes (PVs).