Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.8.0 along with the Cluster release 5.15.0:

  • [12723] [Ceph] Fixed the issue with the ceph_role_mon and ceph_role_mgr labels remaining after deletion of a node from KaaSCephCluster.

  • [13381] [LCM] Fixed the issue with requests to apiserver failing after bootstrap on the management and regional clusters with enabled proxy.

  • [13402] [LCM] Fixed the issue with the cluster failing with the no space left on device error due to an excessive amount of core dumps produced by applications that fail frequently.


    The issue is addressed only for new clusters created using Container Cloud 2.8.0. To workaround the issue on existing clusters created using the Container Cloud version below 2.8.0, see LCM known issues: 13402.